Santa Cruzers
Second Practice: Jump in to a Splash and Dash.
at Sahuarita Aquatics
16270 Star Light View Lane- Town center, Sahuarita

April 27: 5:30 register, 5:45 lane assignments, 6:00 wave start
$5 for members, $8 general
Adult 500m/5K
Kids $3, $5 general
Sign up for the club- it's only $10 and you get a free Splash and Dash!

Kids: Mom and Dad choose an appropriate distance and accompany
50m swim, .5 mile around the school.

If you're interested in educational meetings,
 email KATE at
Let's arrange a good day for meetings together :)

Santa Cruzers Tri Club

is all about community. 

We like to get out.

We want to be healthy and active.

And dang it, those triathlons sure seem like fun.

So let's give them a try! or a tri?

Santa Cruzers are Kids, Beginners, Intermediate triathletes and the super start Mentors who support them.  First timers to Century Clubers are welcome.

Our Focus: 

Spreading a love of Multi-sport throughout the community, especially beginners and youth.  This club is for all ages and experience levels, from the budding athlete to the seasoned mentor. It is designed to promote health and community by doing something awesome.

A USA Triathlon certified club organized by Kate Anderson, CEO and Event organizer for

Anderson Racing Adventures, LLC 7675 S Cressida Way, Tucson, AZ | (520) 979-8676

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